GCMSReader Software Introduction


GCMSReader Software Introduction

GCMSReader is a software designed to consolidate and organize data processed by Shimadzu gas chromatography (GC) or gas chromatography-mass spectrometry (GCMS) workstations. When dealing with a large number of data files (e.g., 100 files, each containing 20 compounds), manual consolidation can be time-consuming (approximately 2 hours). However, using GCMSReader, you can accomplish this task in just 2 minutes, saving valuable time for more meaningful work.

GCMSReader compiles the summarized data into an Excel file, which includes five worksheets:

  1. All Data Summary: In this sheet, you can view all your raw data information.

  2. Retention Time Summary: Here, you can quickly compare retention times for the same compounds across different samples. This helps identify integration peak errors and peak misidentifications.

  3. Peak Area and Peak Height Summary: These two sheets allow you to compare compound areas between samples, helping you determine if the matrix interferes with internal standards or substitutes.

  4. Concentration Summary: In this report, you can easily examine concentration variations for each compound in the tested samples and identify outliers.

GCMSReader Software Licensing

GCMSReader uses the “hostname” for license validation. When purchasing a license, ensure that your computer’s hostname remains unchanged. Before reinstalling the system, back up both the “hostname” and the “authorization code.”

The software supports four languages: Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, and English. Before obtaining an authorization code, please contact the author to confirm that the software meets your requirements and works as expected on your computer.

Once an authorization code is issued, no refunds are accepted. Please ensure that the provided “hostname” is accurate, as any activation issues due to incorrect hostnames are your responsibility.

Email: www@lingbaoboy.com



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